NLA Endorsed Advantage Stop-Loss by Knight Int'l

The NLA Advantage Stop Loss product, developed by the National Labor Alliance (NLA), provides Funds Medical Stop-Loss insurance while leveraging their combined purchasing power.  Our current vendor is Knight International Insurance and Risk Management.

The NLA Advantage allows each Fund to benefit in the success of a larger pool while still being underwritten based on their individual experience.  By keeping the costs low, offering exclusive product features and leveraging their collective size, the NLA Advantage product helps protect each Fund’s bottom line.

Key Features

  • Early rate-lock and disclosure (6 months prior to effective date)
  • Upfront manual rate discounting
  • No laser and 2nd year rate cap options
  • Participation in Premium Holidays for positive pool results
  • Access to an array of claim units, transplant networks and other valued services
  • Security of a direct writer with 100% claims paying authority

How do I get a quote?

Knight assists many current NYLHCA Funds with their insurance needs.  Because not every situation is the same, Knight has the experience to work with each Fund directly or with their actuaries and consultants to ensure the best possible outcome.  To start the quoting process, we would need:

  • Census (Gender, Date of Birth, Zip, Active/Retiree, Single/Family and Plan code if multiple)
  • Monthly Claims and Enrollment (minimum of current and full prior)
  • Large Claims/50% Reporting with diagnosis (minimum of current and full prior, include Rx reporting if not with reported with Medical) Please provide any available case management reports, current Trigger Diagnosis and Pending reports.
  • TPA/ASO, Network, UR/CM vendor if different, PBM
  • Summary of Plan Description and/or Plan Document for each plan offered and Amendments
  • Current or Desired Stop Loss terms (Contract Basis, Deductible, Covered Benefits, Aggregating Specific Deductibles if applicable, Aggregate information and applicable).

CLICK HERE to download the pamphlet.

All quotes for the NLA Advantage program are managed by Knight International for more information please contact:  

Ruth Gillan or direct at 781-966-3708