About Us

About the Alliance

The Alliance Negotiates and signs agreements with providers on behalf of member funds. Although membership in the New York Labor Health Care Alliance does not obligate member funds to enter Alliance negotiated agreements with providers, participation by the maximum number of funds in Alliance agreements and services is our goal and will ensure our collective success.

The Democratic Process governs decisions made by our Alliance members. Each member fund possesses one vote on the Board of Directors through the designation of a voting representative. Alliance By-Laws ensure that the autonomy and independence of member funds is preserved.

Uniting Labor Health Benefit Funds in a statewide alliance provides our Unions with the tools and the ability to take full advantage of our numerical strength and the resulting discounts and market advantages that strength can deliver for the benefit of our members.

A Continuing Commitment to Growth in membership, in providers and in services available to our benefit funds’ participants, is the guiding principle and mission of our Alliance. But more important is the commitment to the delivery of lower Health Care Costs for our fellow members, retirees and their families in this ever escalating and out of control benefit cost environment. This is the ultimate reason for our Alliances’ existence and the reason all our Union funds in New York should belong to the Alliance.


An initial one-time affiliation fee of $1000.00 and annual dues of $500.00 enables our Union health benefit funds to take full advantage of all the Alliance offers now and will offer in the future.


It is not just a time-honored phrase. It is a call to action to ensure Organized Labors’ ability to continue providing the quality levels of health benefits our hard working members deserve.