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New York Labor Health Care Alliance Partners with ID Resolution to Endorse Identity Theft Services to Members

Basking Ridge, NJ – Recognizing that union members are increasingly the target of identity theft, The New York Labor Health Care Alliance has partnered with ID Resolution to offer peace of mind to its members as part of an effort to protect them from the ever increasing risk of identity theft.  As a result of the partnership, NYLHCA is endorsing ID Resolution’s proprietary WRAP™ service giving every victim or suspected victim of identity theft unlimited access to a personal Fraud Specialist. These highly trained specialists will facilitate the resolution of virtually any identity related problem from start to finish.

“At NYLHCA we take a holistic approach to the lives of our members. Along with supporting their educational, social and general well-being, we feel the addition of Identity Theft services and our partnership with ID Resolution will offer another layer of support in their lives,” said Robert Valenty, President of the Alliance. “We are proud that our Alliance is at the forefront of providing new and meaningful services and programs in a rapidly changing world. Clearly identity theft is very real, it’s not going away and we felt a need to offer a cost effective option for our Members.”

A recent study showed that over $16.4 billion was stolen from over 16 million US consumers via identity fraud in 2017. It has also been a top complaint to the Federal Trade Commission for the last five years and as the FTC Chairwoman recently admitted, “As most Americans know, we live in an age where it’s a matter of when, not if, you will become a victim of identity theft.”

Nick Williams, ID Resolution’s CEO added that “Identity Theft knows no social, economic or age boundaries, and labor organizations are showing increased interest in having services to assist and provide support to their members who become victims of identity theft”. “We think the NYLHCA is showing great leadership as they address the issue head on and endorse ID Resolution’s services to assist members trying to deal with what can be a very complex problem.”

ID Resolution’s WRAP service provides every victim or suspected victim of identity theft unlimited access to a personal Fraud Specialist who will facilitate the resolution of virtually any identity related problem from start to finish. The Fraud Specialist works with all creditors, agencies, law enforcement, professional associations, credit reporting agencies and collection companies. The Fraud Specialist also works with the victim when necessary, to place fraud alerts, credit freezes and suppressions with the three credit bureaus. ID Resolution’s WRAP service also provides extensive credit and personal data monitoring products when deemed appropriate at no additional charge to the victim.

For more information on WRAP and our other services, please call Nick Williams or Mark Perkins at 877-308-9167 or visit us at

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