Endorsed Dental

The board of directors of the NYLHCA is pleased to endorse Sele-Dent as the dental PPO for our member funds. Details and a link to sele-dent and its services will be made available shortly.

CLICK HERE to visit the Sele-Dent website
CLICK HERE to visit the Sele-Dent website for the NY/NJ Discounts

Sele-Dent Discount Dental Plan - YouTube

Other Dental Options

Dental coverage is also offered through the NY Labor Health Care Alliance’s endorsed provider, the Aetna Labor Plan, as part of your funds’ medical/dental coverage or as a separate Aetna benefit.

Dental coverage is also available as a separate benefit through our alliances’ reciprocity agreement with the Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition and their provider, Delta Dental. For details please contact the Delaware Valley Coalition directly at