Executive Director

ALL Members invited to next NYLHCA Quarterly Meeting
On May 2nd at the Milliman Offices in NYC. Let us know if attending in-person, or via call-in line.
Details and materials will be sent out in advance via email.

Asking for YOUR Ideas!
Our Annual Seminar and Golf Event is in on September 19th at Turning Stone once again! 
Steve O’Sick is requesting YOUR ideas and suggestions for topics/presenters at that Seminar. Please email Steve or me directly to submit your thoughts. Help us make it timely and relevant to Fund Administrator/Trustee needs!

Emailed NYLHCA Surveys
Yes. We really need your Fund information and your ideas when surveying to ensure we keep up with changes and needs of our members. I promise not to waste your time! If I put a ‘2 Minute Survey’ down in header (using Constant Contact) - it will be just that - and give us vital data about our Alliance to use for all members benefit. I sincerely thank those of you that took that time to help by completing the recent benefit survey. (OK, the Board approved Annual Survey may be longer- but it is only once a year.)

Any Locals you know need more info on NYLHCA?
The best way to grow NYLHCA is by your regional knowledge and referrals of other Funds. If you have several local Funds that may be interested, please email or call me with contact info and I will promptly follow up to let them know how we may save them money and provide more choices in benefits. Let’s shoot for 10% growth in 2019-2020 fiscal year!