Prescription Benefits

Prescription Benefits

The New York Labor Health Care Alliance has endorsed TWO (2) different Pharmacy Benefits Managers.  Each has strong prescription cost efficiencies that may be right for your fund.  Be sure to review the benefits of each provider by clicking on the links below.  Each provider has a dedicated sales rep should you need more information.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

  • OptumRx

  • Express Scripts Inc.
    • Express Scripts
      To solve big challenges with bigger ideas
      At Express Scripts, we dare to imagine a better healthcare system, and we’re driven to make it happen. We’re challengers, difference-makers and opportunity-seekers - united with our partners in a common goal: simpler, more accessible, more affordable healthcare and better health for all.

      In all we do, we strive to empower our clients and members. That means working with funds to lower costs and ensure affordable access to high-quality care, without putting the burden on the backs of members.

      Our dedicated labor division has been serving Taft Hartley clients for nearly 50 years and manages approximately 300 labor funds and 5 million members. Labor clients benefit from a consistent team with a single point of accountability to ensure that we understand what matters most to them and their members. We push further for labor funds – actively listening and rigorously interrogating data – to pinpoint opportunities to unlock new value. And we back up our support for union labor with more than 1,200 union member employees of our own.  Finally, Express Scripts continues to use 100% labor to build our own infrastructure.  Since 2006, ESI has built 984,000 square feet requiring more than 1.4 million labor hours. 

      To balance access, care and cost without compromise  
      When it comes to pharmacy care for our clients and members, the choice they make matters:
      • Express Scripts PharmacySM: a convenient, worry-free home delivery experience for people taking long-term medications; 24/7 pharmacist access, free shipping and 25% average savings when compared to a standard retail copayment
      • Accredo: our high-touch specialty pharmacy with round-the-clock clinical support to treat the most complex conditions; Therapeutic Resource Centers® focus on specific conditions with deep knowledge, counsel and care
      • Retail: a network of 68,000+ nationwide locations to fill acute medications; network options maintain member access while driving down costs; even at retail, our pharmacists are available by phone 24/7 to discuss acute medication needs

      To keep members in the moment and out of the ER
      Member needs may be complex, but they expect and deserve a simple and consistent experience that’s delivered with compassion. Our clinical programs are designed with that in mind — to ensure patients have the medications that best fit their needs from both a clinical and an economic perspective.
      NYLHCA member funds with Express Scripts gain access to:

      • Pharmacists available 24 hours per day: If members have a concern or question about their medication, they can call or chat online with an Express Scripts pharmacist whenever they need to, even in the middle of the night.
      • Therapeutic Resource Centers® (TRCs): Express Scripts specialty pharmacies have condition-specific specialty-trained clinicians and 600+ field nurses who provide specialized care for patients with chronic or complex conditions.
      • 90-day prescriptions: Members who take medications regularly can get a 90-day supply at retail pharmacies or delivered right to their door from the Express Scripts PharmacySM.
      • Express Scripts mobile app: Quickly and easily refill or renew a prescription, get up-to-the-minute order status and compare medication pricing and more.
      • Refill and renew prescriptions, check order status, compare prescription coverage and more.

      To see a person with potential, not a patient with a chronic condition
      Therapeutic Resource Centers
      At the heart of the Express Scripts condition-specific approach to care are Therapeutic Resource Centers (TRCs) – pharmacy practices that specialize in caring for patients with the most complex and costly conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, HIV, asthma, depression and many rare and specialty conditions.
      Specialist pharmacists and nurses in our TRCs take a lot of time with each patient, providing counsel and ensuring the appropriate dispensing of medications to minimize waste, maximize safety and improve patient satisfaction and care – driving better clinical outcomes for patients and greater savings for member funds.

      • Better average member adherence rates in top therapy classes
      • Proactive copay assistance and enhanced member service
      • 1-on-1 counseling from specialty pharmacists and nurses

      Visit for more information on how we’re creating simpler, more tailored and personalized solutions for clients and members.