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Let’s Strengthen our Team this Season!
Sunday, November 04, 2018

OK, so we have football, basketball, hockey seasons….each focused on their individual athletes, but even more so on the strength and depth of talent making up their Team!

The NYLHCA has a loyal membership of experienced Fund Administrators and Trustees - but we need to think about who else may benefit from our products and services - all across the state. Remember, the greater our numbers, the better leverage we have with current and potential Providers to obtain rate savings for existing and future Members.

I ask all Members to consider contacting a couple of related Locals in their region that are not NYLHCA Members to introduce them to the idea! We now have the benefit of a newly designed and content filled website - so send them there! Let them know our website has current Vendors and active links to take them to those vendors pages or websites for more detail. That is just a start!

In 2019, I plan to get out to our regions, with our Vice Presidents AND OTHER Member’s assistance, to set up meetings/lunches with these non-members and clue them in on where they may find savings or improved benefits by becoming a part of NYLHCA.

So as we approach the Holidays - also think about surprising NYLHCA with a couple of new Members by introducing them to our benefits - our new website is a great start for them to view our benefits!!
Many thanks for your help! I stand ready to assist your teamwork however I can!

Happy, Healthy Holidays to All!


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