Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance by UNUM/UAB

Good News For Alliance Members

NEW YORK LABOR HEALTH CARE ALLIANCE is pleased to announce that Permanent Whole Life is now available to our members. This program offers many outstanding features;

  • Coverage Provided On A Guaranteed Issue Basis. No Physical Examinations Required As Long As You Are Actively At Work Or Have The Ability To Work
  • Coverage Is Available For All Eligible Members And Spouses Through Age 72
  • Coverage Available For Children And Grandchildren
  • Guaranteed Premiums Which Means The Cost Never Goes Up
  • Coverage Builds Cash  Value That Can Grow Over The Years
  • Purchase Through Convenient Check Draft
Many people have a current need or will purchase permanent life insurance protection for themselves and family. The longer you wait the more expensive it will be. Whether you have a family, single with no dependents or older nearing retirement with obligations it is a sound way to protect your family,current or future obligations without exceeding your present budget.

For more information about this exciting offer please contact: 

Union Alliance Benefits Contact:

Otto Haye - NYLHCA Endorsed Rep
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