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Our Alliance Goals: A Unified Labor Alliance Significant Cost Savings Statewide Inclusion Funds Maintain Control

The New York Labor Health Care Alliance is a purchasing cooperative organized as a 501(c)5 not for profit corporation whose purposes are to negotiate on behalf of its members with health care and related providers to establish economies and efficiencies in cost and delivery of health care services by pooling interests, efforts and purchasing power.

The Mission

"An Alliance of Taft-Hartley Benefit Funds and Business Partners dedicated to improving quality, expanding choice, and lowering health and benefit costs for our Fund Members and their families."

Our Notices

Prescription Benefits

Prescription Benefits

With the fast changing Pharmacy costs and choices, your NYLHCA has negotiated what can be called ‘best of breed’ Pharmacy Benefit Management Vendor Contracts(PBMs) and current Amendments. Both Express Scripts and OptumRX have advanced provisions to save Funds very significant expense while allowing your Fund choices that may meet your Members regional needs for access and copay options, etc.

Insurance Options

Insurance Options

The extremely cost effective NLA Endorsed Stop-Loss Coverage as well as the Fiduciary Insurance Option has proven to save many thousands of dollars for Member Funds. In addition, NYLHCA announces a ‘Hassle Free’ Guaranteed Life Option and a 24/7 Accident Coverage you need to check out. The ‘out of pocket’ cost models give realistic savings and with NO physical exam necessary, coverage can be quickly obtained.

Cybersecurity Providers

Cybersecurity Provider

With this year’s research into, and endorsement of, ID Resolution as our cyber security Vendor, NYLHCA has given your Fund an opportunity for a very cost effective remediation option if a ID Theft occurs to a member - plus, more options for your member to ‘buy up’ for even more advanced preventative cybersecurity coverage for themselves - and their family, if they choose.

Executive Director Highlights

Wayne Evancoe

FALL brings colorful foliage - and the seasonal FLU!

We urge all men and women across NYS to get their flu vaccines as the best prevention of contracting the flu - and its dangerous complications. It may become more complex and confusing as our health care The Center for Disease Control has facts that can be shared in each Fund and its members. With COVID still a threat, let’s take positive steps to reduce this other risk factor. Please click this CDC link below for info, recommended actions, and signs you may use to promote this in your Fund.


October is National Breast Cancer Month! Spread the word - who is that singled out person in picture below? Anyone in our families can be impacted!

Please click link below to see materials and info that can benefit your Fund members. Spread the word!


The Annual NYLHCA Survey

I have asked all NYLHCA Members to fill our the Annual NYLHCA Survey and we have achieved just about a 20% return. Thank you to all who did take the small amount of time to help guide our Alliance by sharing their input and needs in this Survey. Feel free to complete it now and contribute - it may still be in your mailbox. Thanks.

All Conflict of Interest Disclosure Forms have not been submitted
- and by law, we need ALL NYLHCA Fund Directors to review the Policy and submit a signed Form annually. Please take the time to complete and scan, email, snail mail- or slip it under our office door(!)- but we need your help here. Email and call me if you need the Policy and Form re-sent.

NEW Online and hardcopy NYLHCA Brochure

It is out and available for all members to use in spreading the news that NYLHCA has value! Please do use the online brochure in emails to other non-member Locals and let them know we would be happy to fill them in on how we may be able to save money and provide better choices in benefits. Email or call me if you need another file sent to you.

Many Thanks!!

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"The BAC Local #2NY Health Plan has actually lowered health premiums while increasing benefits offered to its members. This is a result of utilizing various products endorsed by the NYLHCA. I know that when a firm is finally endorsed by the Alliance, they have survived a comprehensive evaluation against leaders in their industry. This saves my Fund the expense and time of doing these exhausting searches on our own. Perhaps one of the best benefits of the Alliance is that it creates a forum for administrators and trustees to share best practices and discuss relevant issues impacting our members and their families."

- Stephen J. O’Sick
Fund Administrator
Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers
Local #2NY/VT Joint Benefit Funds

"As many of you already know, the Laborers' Local 157 Health Fund has continued to provide some of the best heath care benefits in the state.  All for a minimal employer contribution rate.  We have been able to achieve this not just through the hard work of our membership and service providers but with the help of the NYLHCA. We have taken advantage of the NYLHCA's collective negotiating power.  Many of our current vendor contracts reflect the savings.  I myself have been able to learn a lot by using the other administrators in the NYLHCA to establish best practices.  The endorsed fiduciary insurance product through the endorsed J.A. Mariano Agency also saves our Pension, Annuity and Training Funds a great deal of money."

- Mike Brady
Laborers' Local 157 Benefit Funds

“Plumbers and Steamfitters Local No. 7 has been a member of the New York Labor Health Care Alliance since it’s inception in 1993. The purpose forming this organization, and our joining, was an attempt to have more of an impact in controlling the escalation of health care costs. By joining with other health and welfare plans and negotiating for everyday products inherent to our mission such as medical coverage, prescription drug coverage, fiduciary liability insurance, etc. we, along with the other members of the coalition, have been able to reduce our plan expenditures and medical costs. Fiduciary Liability insurance alone represented a 40% reduction in premium.”

- Robert W. Valenty
Plumbers and Steamfitters' Local No. 7 Benefit Funds